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Everyone is saying her boobs are big because s…

Everyone is saying her boobs are big because she’s pregnant but she got them done 😩 I’m pretty sure it was hollywoodunlocked on insta that posted it and she commented saying it was true

I ain’t even know! Her doctor did that. Titties SNATCHED

Omg i just saw twitter the baby daddy is javie…

Omg i just saw twitter the baby daddy is javie and they are dating and they gon be together :(( not hating on javie or anything but i was rooting for kehlani to ended up with a girlllllllllll :((((( omfg man i feel so betrayed and conflicted i am happy for her but still!!! Sigh I'm sorry venting again

Lmao then you go out and be fruitful with all the hot mommas for the both of you! KSKSKSKS





why are people aggy about kehlani being pregnant?! first of all, gay women have kids all the time, but in this particular case kehlani, who identifies as queer, wants to have a child with a man she loves. for something so sweet y’all have to turn it into a gross argument. ugh.



me: h-

straight person: i just don’t understand how kehlani is dating a man🤔👀 i know she’s like bi or queer or whatever haha but it’s just not realistic xDD

Who the hell is the baby daddy man??? I'm…

Who the hell is the baby daddy man??? I'm happy for her but whats gonna happen when she has a gf??? Or is she gon spend the rest of her life with the baby daddy??? Man idk why i feel so betrayed I'm sorry just venting :(((

Well, for starters if she wants to share that she will lol.

However she did say that it was some she trusted and was very close to (best friends)

It’s her choice who she spends her life with and if she gets a gf or possible wife or whatever then they will obviously be cool with her having a kid and baby daddy ksksksksksk they won’t have a choice.

KSKSBDJSKLS I don’t know what to say about the last part but hey, feel free to vent to me my inbox is always open for you friend kdhdbdjsj


No wonder her tetas been lookin so good! Them pregnancy titties!!