MARK! MARK! hes wired in. sorry? he’s wired in. is he? yes. [smashes computer] HOW BOUT NOW YOU STILL WIRED IN? you issued 24 M i l l i o n  new shares of stock? you were told if new investors came along— How much were your shares diluted? HOW MUCH WERE HIS? you signed the papers. y o u  s e t  m e  u p … you’re gonna blame me because you’re the business head of the company and you made a bad business deal with your o w n company? this is gonna be like im Not A Part Of Facebook.  it won’t be like you’re not a part of facebook.  you’re not a part of facebook. my name’s on the masthead. you might wanna check again. IS THIS BECAUSE I FROZE THE ACCOUNT? if you think we were gonna let you parade around in your ridiculous suits pretending you were running this company—S O R R Y MY PRADA’S AT THE CLEANERS ALONG WITH HOODIE AND MY FUCK-YOU FLIP FLOPS, YOU PRETENTIOUS DOUCHEBAG. security’s here, you’ll be leaving now.  I’m not signing those papers. we will get the signature. tell me this isn’t about me getting into the phoenix…y-you did iT I KNEW YOU DID IT YOU PLANTED THAT STORY ABOUT THE C H I C K E N [i didn’t plant the story about the chicken] (what is he talking about?) YOU HAD ME ACCUSED OF ANIMAL CRUELTY (seriously what the hell’s the chicken) and I’ll bet what you hated the most is that they identified me as the Co – Founder Of Facebook.   W h i c h .  I  .  A m  .  You Better Lawyer Up, Asshole.  Because I’m Not Coming Back For 30%.  I ’ m  C o m i n g  B a c k  F o r   E V E R Y T H I N G .